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Collection Cataloged By
Various, including Mary Gamble, John Hooper, Herb Behrens, and Lisa Josephs

Finding Aid Prepared By
Lisa Josephs

Date Range

Scope and Contents

Collection consists of letters to and from Steinbeck and related individuals, amounting to approximately 3.5 linear feet, divided into three series:

  1. Correspondence to or from John Steinbeck
  2. Correspondence to or from John Steinbeck’s Family
  3. Correspondence to or from John Steinbeck’s Friends

Each series is divided into date ranges as follows: 1902-29, 1930-39, 1940-49, 1950-59, 1960-68 (for John Steinbeck correspondence) or 1960- (for all other correspondence)

The list of collection titles, by date, for series I are listed below:

1902-29: Taminelli, Wilhelmson, Richards

1930-39: Collins, McKiddy, Moore, Abrahmson, Dixon, Weston, Henning, Mr.—–, Pelaine, Folsom, Street, Allemand, Lavin, Gage, Smith, Marge, Studdert, Moore

1940-49: Dreiser, Caswell, Lovejoy, Rodgers, Meredith, Weaver, Ricketts, Conger, Covici

1950-59: Gordon, Robinson, Martin-Donohue, Murphy, Murphy, Hometown Honors, Tavernetti, Wickes, Lyons, Ridley/Ross, Steinbeck, Steinbeck, Neyman, Osborne, Blakey, Wallsten, Otis, Street, Steinbeck, Hudspeth, Goss, Hammarskjöld, Sag Harbor, Paul

1960-68: Smithback, Ainsworth, Caen-Downie, Cooper-Garlick, Mors, Cothran, Hebel, Albee, Tranchina, Streitfeld, Wood, Williams, Blottner, Gosage, Lindhardt, Ashe, Northumberland, Ciardi, Bivins, Libby, Howell, Kampf, Iverson, Aldwell, Morris, Hartnell, Best