Become a Sponsor

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This year, we are offering a unique opportunity for your organization to become a sponsor of programs that are close to your mission. Your sponsorship support is crucial to our success in continuing our efforts in providing our local community and beyond with programs and exhibitions that educate and inspire.

The National Steinbeck Center's mission is to build community and celebrate creativity, inspired by the words of John Steinbeck.

The NSC is a focal point for audiences interested in Steinbeck and in the agricultural heritage of California, and a major cultural center for the Salinas and regional community. The NSC is the primary tourist draw to Salinas, and has greeted hundreds of thousands of local, regional, national and international visitors since its opening in 1998.

The National Steinbeck Center's programs impact diverse audiences and promote literature, the arts, and the historical legacy of the Salinas Valley to local, regional, national and international audiences. By forging strong and strategic alliances within the community, the NSC reaches deeply into the Salinas Valley, building regional pride and meaningful engagement with diverse points of view. The NSC provides a vibrant series of youth education activities that allow young people from all backgrounds the opportunity to express themselves and tell their stories through a wide variety of art forms.

The National Steinbeck Center and the Steinbeck Institute of Art and Culture opens its doors to more than 140,000 visitors a year —it is a community, regional, national, and international destination for families and individuals of all ages, backgrounds and cultural heritages. The NSC benefits the Monterey County community by bringing a continuous series of literary, cultural, and artistic events to the region, serving as one of the major sources of cultural programming in the area.

Our corporate sponsors and corporate members in the business community have an opportunity to have exceptional presence and exposure to local, regional and national visitors while simultaneously having a valuable impact on our community. We invite you to share a message about your products or services, and attend or invite your clients and business associates to programs you are sponsoring as a special guest of the Center.

Your sponsorship and commitment is vital! We need your support so we can bring to our community – and to your corporation’s stakeholders – resources that enrich the lives of so many children, young adults and learners of all ages.