Salinas Valley Comic Con 2015

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Are comics literature? John Steinbeck addressed this in 1952 when he wrote the introduction to Al Capp's The World of Li'l Abner. "Well, one of the symptoms or diagnostics of literature should be, it seems to me, that it is read, that it amuses, moves, instructs, changes and criticizes people." He went on to describe Al by saying, "I think Capp may very possibly be the best writer in the world today." 

The National Steinbeck Center continues the tradition of admiring this medium and its creators, with the second annual Salinas Valley Comic Con. This year's theme is Imagination and Beyond

When and Where:

FRIDAY, DEC. 18 - Kick-Off Party (National Steinbeck Center, One Main St., Salinas, CA 93901) 4:00 PM-8:00 PM ADMISSION FREE

4:00PM PANELComics Today! - Featuring Luis Manzo “How Graphic Novels Teach History”, Ricardo Padilla “New Directions In Latino Comic Book Art”, David Mesher “Maus and Other Graphic Novels” – Moderator: Dr. Susan Shillinglaw, Director – National Steinbeck Center

Guests will get the opportunity to mingle with comic artists and get an early look at the Batman art show. 

SAT DEC 19-20 - Exhibit/Vendor/Artist Floor (National Steinbeck Center, One Main St., Salinas, CA 93901) 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


11:30 AM From The Grapes of Wrath to The Wrath of Khan : How Literature Has Influenced Pop Culture

Join a team of pop culture fanatics as they trace your favorite movies, comics and TV shows back to the words that inspired generations of creators.   

1:00 PM Body Image & Diversity in Comics, Cosplay & Pop Culture

The ladies of Chunky Girl Comics, along with their panel of special guests, discuss body image, diversity and body shaming in their world of cosplay and comics. The ladies discuss going from being the picked on fat kids to being confident, feeling sexy and learning to love their bodies. From the chunky kids to plus size models, cosplayers and superheroes, the ladies bring their journey to light. Panel attendees will receive a free Chunky Girl Comics print!

3:00 PM Animation Rules!

Theinside world of animation will come to life as you get the opportunity to ask experts what it takes to bring your favorite shows to life.


11: 00 AM I Want To Work In Comics

Learn to make comics from working artists, including Ace Continueado (Dark Horse Comics ) about what it takes to get noticed, what you should be working on and what you might be doing wrong.

12:30 PM Indie Movies And Today’s Technology

You have a story, a smart phone, a laptop and access to the internet. Is this all you need to get your indie film seen by millions? Find out from indie movie maker Scarlet Fry (World Wide Multimedia ) as he discusses the different techniques available for filmmakers today.

2:00 PM So, You Wanna Be A Sith Lord?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens™ will be on everyone’s mind, and once again you will wonder how you too can join the Empire. Join members of the 501st Legion as they give advice on how to build your own costume and what it takes to become a member of Vader’s Legion.

4:00 PM Oh My Geek! Presents: Star Wars: The Fans Awaken

Join the hosts of the Oh My Geek podcast as they do a live show discussing the latest in geek news. Who are we kidding? It will be an all Star Wars™ Special Edition filled with news, Episode VII reviews and special guests!

Saturday and Sunday

Current Comics ● Squid Row Comics ● Back To The Future ™ Time Machine DeLorean replica ● Tragic Hero Comics ● Chunky Girl Comics ● An Exhibit Featuring Original Batman Art ● Over 30 Artists and Vendors ● Geeky Holiday Shopping ● Cosplay ● and more!

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