The National Steinbeck Center will be closed starting March 16, 2020. Please check back for updates for when our doors will be open again to the public.


The National Steinbeck Center put out a Call To Artists for a juried artist’s exhibition for the busy and vibrant Virtual Steinbeck Country United Festival  which runs Aug 1-2, 2020. All pieces will be on display through October 31st  in our Arts & Culture Gallery at the National Steinbeck Center in Salinas, California and we want to welcome to Steinbeck Country all of our participating artists!

Mary Conway 

Peter Kwiek    

Martha Renault

Cat Harper

Judi Clayton   

Emma Kalff    

Bob Mannix

Elida Dehaan  

Hyza Ruano    

Galen Requist

Kathryn Hannay

Lucile Wedeking

Erin Alexander

Kate Warthen

Katrina Kacandes       

Yves Goyatton

Nicole Frelier Andrews          

Nito Gomez    

David Gubernick

Hanna Miller  

Nicole Asselborn

Salvador Lua  

Peter Hiller     

Doug Winter

All Visual Media
Maximum size: 11×14 including frame, ready to hang, or artist provided stand/pedestal

Entry Fee:  $20 Per Artwork Submitted

Exhibition: Sat August 1 to Sat October 31, 2020

National Steinbeck Center
1 Main St
Salinas, CA 93901

Call To Artists Information: 
Contact Email:
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: National
Event Dates: 8/1/20 – 10/31/20
Entry Deadline: 6/15/20 SUBMISSIONS CLOSED

First, Second and Third Prize Ribbons will be awarded as well as the Director’s Choice Award and the Visitor’s Choice Award Ribbons on August 2, 2020 at the Virtual Steinbeck Country United Festival .

Important Dates:

April 17, 2020: Submissions open.
June 15, 2020: Deadline for submissions. SUBMISSIONS CLOSED
June 19, 2020: Notification on
July 14 & 15, 2020: Receiving of shipped accepted works; Drop off between the hours of 4pm-6pm on July 14, 2020 or 12pm-2pm on July 15, 2020
August 1-2, 2020: Online Exhibition as part of our Virtual Steinbeck Country United Festival

August 1, 2020 – October 31, 2020: Duration of exhibition at The National Steinbeck Center.

September 17, 2020: Artists Reception 5:30-7:30pm
October 31, 2020: Close of exhibition
November 2-6, 2020: Hand pick-up during hours of 10:00-5:00pm. Earlier or later pick up during that week by prior appointment only.

November 9-13, 2020:  Shipping of works (shipping fees apply. See instructions below.)

Eligibility: National artists 18 years or older. Original works accepted in all 2D media:  Painting, Drawing, Water-media, Printmaking (No giclee), Photography, Mixed Media, Collage/Assemblage executed during the past three years.

Entry Fee: The fee is $20 per artwork submitted. Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express, will be accepted.

Submission: The National Steinbeck Center will only accept payment for submissions through the website before the submission deadline of June 15, 2020. Artwork thumbnail submissions will only be accepted through the email. No in-person submissions will be accepted. Submission must include a photograph of the artwork in gif or jpg format submitted to the email listed above after payment of submission fee.

Guidelines for Artwork:

  • Submission does not guarantee acceptance. If accepted the artist will be asked to email 3 thumbnails for social media promotion along with a short bio or artist statement.
  • At delivery all two-dimensional work must be framed and/or ready for installation with hanging hardware, wire, or d-rings already installed on work and the entire work must not exceed 11×14 including frame or artist provided stand/pedestal. The work cannot exceed 75 pounds. Pieces without- hanging hardware will not be included in the exhibition.
    · No installations or video are accepted at this exhibition. All work requiring assembly or any work with a complex installation procedure must be accompanied by a detailed set of installation instructions with reference photos from previous installations. Verbal instructions will not suffice.
    ·The National Steinbeck Center prohibits glitter, wet paint, sharp objects, open flames, balloons, spray (perfumes, hairsprays, etc.), dangerous chemicals, weapons, pressurized containers, plants or animals (alive or dead), hazardous materials (explosive, flammable, or perishable), decaying materials (visible mold or insect infestation), or anything deemed harmful to artwork, staff and viewers.

Anything of question should be cleared by NSC, by contacting Cat Harper, 831-775-4721 or

Selected Works: Selected works must be delivered ready to hang/display. Artworks considered unsuitable for hanging/presentation will be refused. Curatorial staff reserves the right to refuse an artwork that is misrepresented through documentation or is not the piece selected by the juror.

Shipped Artwork: The deadline for receipt of shipped artwork is July 10, 2020. If work is not at the National Steinbeck Center by Friday July 10, 2020, we reserve the right to not include it in the exhibition.

Any artwork being shipped must include return postage/shipping label for FedEx or UPS, –unless alternative arrangements have been made with the Director prior to the exhibition In the case of inadequate or nonexistent return postage, works will be considered abandoned property and disposed of as the National Steinbeck Center sees fit. All artwork should be packaged in a manner that will allow for the materials to be re-used for return shipping. Otherwise please include materials for return packaging. Please do not ship artwork with packing peanuts.  Re-usable mirror/tv packing boxes (available at UPS/FedEx) are encouraged, ¾ inch insulation foam sheets (available at Lowes/Home Depot) are an excellent means of protecting frame/glass works, especially in 4-inch thick packing boxes.

Liability: The National Steinbeck Center will not be responsible for any damage whatsoever, before, during, or after the exhibition. No works will be released without proper identification. Any work not picked up by the dates noted above will become property of the National Steinbeck Center and will be considered abandoned property and disposed of as the NSC sees fit.

Sales: The National Steinbeck Center will not serve as a third party for sales; we will instead provide artist contact information to any individuals inquiring about purchases, and purchases will be completed by both parties. The artist MUST provide documentation authorizing a purchaser the ability to pick up artwork which is sold, if the purchaser wishes to pick up work at the exhibition closing.