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This is the SYA Writing Coaches portal. Please read the resource links below to learn about what to expect from this exciting and rewarding opportunity.

Anticipated tasks: 
  • Be sociable and encouraging to middle school student writers
  • Read their essays thoroughly, making notes about structure, grammar, punctuation, syntax and format
  • Provide constructive but empowering critiques of their work which will encourage them to improve their writing
  • Help provide feedback for their second drafts
  • Engage them and explain how honing your own writing skills have benefited you throughout your life
  • Have lunch with the student and the rest of your fellow coaches
Requirements Needed To Be A Coach:
  • Possess a high school degree or higher
  • Some writing experience, i.e., school reports, research projects, blogging, programming, website design, newspaper articles, published book, academic papers, technical writings, or simply avidly writing emails or letters to others. (You do not have to be an English Professor or published author)
  • Time off to join us on the Day of Writing
  • Patience and kindness when critiquing a young person’s writing
If you have any questions or want to share your positive past experience with future coaches, please feel free to contact our Education Team.


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