NSC Virtual Membership Information


The National Steinbeck Center is excited to announce the launch of its Virtual Membership, which offers a content-rich, interactive way to experience the Center from anywhere in the world! Take a deeper dive into the museum’s private archival collection, go behind the scenes, view new exhibitions from our arts and culture gallery, access historical photos and clips from the audio-video library and more.

Additionally, through your Virtual Membership you’ll be supporting the preservation of the National Steinbeck Center’s nationally and internally recognized collection, and the growth of innovative programming and educational outreach initiatives.

Our Virtual Members will receive an email every Monday that grants them private access to exclusive members only content, and an online Virtual Membership Portal is currently in the works to further enhance your virtual membership experience.

Become a part of the National Steinbeck Center’s global community for just an annual membership fee of $30 to begin enjoying exclusive benefits and privileges created just for you! Contact us at membership@steinbeck.org for more information.

Click here to sign up!