Permanent Exhibit

The John Steinbeck Exhibition Hall

The National Steinbeck Exhibition Hall is designed as a journey through John Steinbeck’s “Valley of the World”. The exhibit is organized geographically, allowing visitors to visit locations in which Steinbeck lived, traveled to, and wrote about. The different locations also include pertinent information, details, and displays on his novels, short stories, and journalistic writing. Using his words as the narrative, the exhibit navigates visitors through theatrical sets and displays, allowing them to step into the scene or time-period.

Throughout the experience, visitors can watch films, listen to sound clips, participate in hands-on activities, and view original artifacts in order to learn about the life and writings of John Steinbeck. The exhibit endeavors to connect the visitor’s own life experience to the universal themes of Steinbeck’s major works, the Salinas Valley of California, and to advocate for the message: Words Matter.