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About the Steinbeck Center

Center General History & General Info

As one of the largest literary museums in the United States dedicated to a single author, the National Steinbeck Center began as an initiative by the local community and civic leaders to create a forum for his writings and one that would inspire and launch successful literacy and educational programming.

John Steinbeck received worldwide recognition for his perception of the “common man” and his keen observations and powerful descriptions of the human condition and the rich locations like the Salinas Valley in which the characters in his novels inhabited. Positioned at One Main Street in the heart of Salinas, the Center has not only served to revitalize the city’s downtown area but has distinguished itself as a locale for global conversations inspired by visiting scholars, speakers, guests, and patrons.

Staff & Board

National Steinbeck Center Staff

TBA: Executive Director

Cat Harper: Assistant to the Director

Lisa Josephs: Archivist

McKenzie Floyd: Curator

Frances Vasquez: Guest Services Manager

Tory Bright: Marketing Director

National Steinbeck Center Board of Directors


Steve Emerson – President

Dennis Donohue – Secretary

John McPherson – Treasurer


Board Members:

Julio Gil

Pooja Bachani Di Giovanna

Yadira Hobby

Dr. David Wrobel

Dr. Carol McKibben

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Contact Us

Interim Director of Finance and Administration
Director of Finance & Administration





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The building located at 1 Main Street in downtown Salinas is a beacon for Salinas, a steward for John Steinbeck, and home to several organizations.

Yes, the The National Steinbeck Center is still here! The NSC is a museum and 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that honors Nobel Prize winning author John Steinbeck. The National Steinbeck Center holds educational programs throughout the year which aim to expand the public’s knowledge about John Steinbeck and the themes he explored in his books. The NSC also oversees the Steinbeck Museum Hall, Steinbeck Archives and Collection, and the Museum Store all at 1 Main Street.

If you have questions concerning John Steinbeck, Salinas history, museum information, or anything involving the National Steinbeck Center’s programming or events, contact the appropriate channels listed above. If you are looking for facility rentals or California State University Monterey Bay events, see the column to the right!

Who else is here? California State University Monterey Bay is the owner of the building and separate organization which operates all facilities management operations and event rentals in the building at 1 Main Street, Salinas.

If you have questions concerning facilities rentals or non-Steinbeck related events, please contact:

Salinas City Center
Events & Facilities Assistants

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